Volunteer Information


As a volunteer, you are an ambassador for Rowing Australia and the overall event, as well as a member of the event workforce. Your efforts in positively promoting the event, making all visitors feel welcome and providing information are important to the ongoing success of the event.

How do I Apply?

Applications can be made through the volunteer portal. Once you have registered, you will be able to view available volunteer activities and select your shifts.
Before registering please have a read through the roles below. Detailed positions descriptions are available by clicking on the position.

Volunteer Roles

No specific qualifications or rowing knowledge are required for the roles listed below but some attributes are recommended. For more details about the role and requirements please click on each position.

Specific qualifications are required for the roles listed below. Please click on each position for more details.

Volunteer Recognition & Benefits

Each Volunteer receives:

  • Free shuttle between the Sydney International Regatta Centre and Penrith train station
  • An official volunteer uniform including shirt, cap, drink bottle and bag
  • Food and drink during your shift
  • The experience of volunteering at an amazing event
  • The opportunity to see Australia’s best rowers in action
  • Free parking
  • Post-event thank you function
  • Volunteer Certificate
  • Reference letter as required

Volunteering & Spectating

Volunteers are welcome to come early, or stay after their shift to spectate. For example; volunteer in the morning, and you may stay for the remainder of the day at no cost.

Working With Children Check

Rowing Australia is committed to providing a safe environment for our children spectators and athletes. Volunteers in some positions MAY be required to obtain a valid NSW Government Working With Children Check, or interstate equivalent.

Volunteer Agreement

Rowing Australia (RA) values and appreciates the contribution volunteers make to the Sydney International Rowing Regatta (SIRR) event. To ensure all volunteers have a safe and enjoyable experience at the SIRR, the following conditions apply. Please read and accept the conditions below, if you have any questions please contact Rowing Australia.


  • Give permission for the SIRR to maintain on file; my personal information, relevant to my voluntary duties, which may be accessed by relevant staff members of SIRR in the case of an emergency. I understand that this information will not be given to any other person or agency unless I give my specific permission.
  • Understand that photographs, videos and audio recordings may be taken by and of people participating in activities at the SIRR. I understand that it is my responsibility to remove myself if I do not wish to appear in photographs, videos or audio recordings.
  • Agree to represent the organisation in a positive way.
  • Will not take illegal drugs or consume alcohol whilst engaged in volunteer activities, or be under the influence of the same whilst engaged in volunteer activities.
  • Agree to work in a manner that is safe to myself, other volunteers, paid staff and members of the public.
  • Agree to support a non-discriminatory and harassment-free work environment.
  • Agree to treat competitors, volunteers and staff with respect, courtesy and consideration.
  • Agree to obtain a NSW Government Working with Children Check (or interstate equivalent).
  • Agree to participate in essential orientation and training arranged by the SIRR Volunteer Manager and Coordinators as required.
  • Agree to work in all positions as rostered or required.
  • Agree to accept guidance and direction from the person to whom I am responsible in my voluntary role.
  • Agree to work as part of a team.
  • Agree to sign the Attendance Register at each volunteering session.
  • Agree to inform the Volunteer Manager or Coordinators if I am unable to attend a rostered session.
  • Agree to inform the Volunteer Manager or Coordinators if I am unable to continue as a volunteer.
  • Agree that I have no (and may not represent that I have any) power, right or authority to bind RA or to assume or create any obligation or responsibility on behalf of RA or in RA’s name, nor to expend money on RA’s behalf, unless expressly advised by a duly authorised representative of RA.
  • Understand that RA has public liability, professional indemnity and personal accident insurance that covers volunteers in all normal circumstances, however I agree that, in the event that I am responsible for a wrongful, unlawful or negligent act, I indemnify RA against any claims, damages, costs, losses, liabilities and expenses arising out of or in connection with that act or omission.